Sunday, May 30, 2010

Socialized medicine leaves scissors, scalpels inside patients-always will

  • No mention of anyone being fired--that's the difference in socialism. Why not slack off--who cares?

  • above instruments found inside patients
BBC, 5/30/10: "Forceps, needles, fragments of a bone drill and swabs are among the objects left inside Scottish patients during operations, it has emerged.
  • Some patients also had organs punctured accidentally while in operating theatres, the Press Association found.

Scotland's largest health board, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said six patients left hospital with swabs inside their body since January 2008.

The hospitals involved are Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Southern General Hospital, Stobhill Hospital, Victoria Infirmary and Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

  • Greater Glasgow and Clyde said up to three people, from a total of 12 with objects left inside their bodies,
  • became unwell as a result.

A spokesman said: "All swabs and instruments are counted in and out during every open operative procedure."...

NHS Grampian said eight incidents occurred between January 2008 and February 2010 in which objects were left inside or assumed to have been left inside patients....

  • "No patient should have to endure another operation or have their life put at risk because the pre and post checks are not rigorously carried out."

The details were released after a Freedom of Information request to all 14 health boards in Scotland by the Press Association." ***photo bbc

  • Socialism has never worked wherever it's been tried up to and including today. It only succeeds in keeping greedy, thug billionaires in luxury. ed.

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