Monday, May 17, 2010

Multi-millionaire Obama insists struggling Mass. taxpayers pay bills for his Aunt Zeituni

5/17, AP: Obama's Aunt Zeituni lives for "free" in Boston off the taxpayers. No one in the US press dared mention her existence before Obama's election. She's only 57 so has many years to go taking the spot of a poor lifelong US citizen who paid taxes all his or her life. It wouldn't be quite as bad if Obama didn't preach 'taking care of our brother' as a pious cornerstone of his obviously phony persona. A multi-millionaire who not only won't help his aunt, but is completely disconnected and contemptuous of hard working American taxpayers.
  • "Obama wasn't involved in the Boston hearing. The White House also said it was not helping Onyango (Obama's aunt) with legal fees."...(And not a word of thanks to Massachusetts taxpayers. Judge a man by his actions, not his words. These are just the facts. Facts are distasteful to the far left, so they avoid all but one. They have exactly one fact in mind at all times, as per Saul Alinsky: blame the vicious right wing (bloggers) who pay Obama's bills. It's not only the money. The wage earner gives time in exchange for money, time away from his family, sometimes sacrificing his health. Obama refused to do that for his aunt, but has no problem expecting everyone else to.)ed. photo above Obama in Kenya with his aunt in his 20's. from RushLimbaugh via Gateway Pundit

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