Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scott Brown, maybe your dysfunctional childhood is finally showing

I've followed Scott Brown's statements on controversial issues since his election to the US Senate. More than the positions he's taken, it is the casual manner, like a brush-off he's used in letting us know about them. It's been nothing less than stunning-and educational. Now he has a brief meeting with a supreme court nominee. Everyone knows there are decades of evidence to explore about any nominee. The last thing a senator should do is tell constituents that the nominee is ok simply because you had a chat with her (unless he has total contempt for his constituents). Brown may have long since decided she was fine with him, but to give such a casual explanation to independent voters and conservatives who invested so much hope in him-who have almost no elected officials representing them-is disgusting. Brown, you're as revolting as any other two-faced Beltway slob. Good bye. Politico44, via
Chris Christie for President. ed.

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