Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maybe the Queen and Prince Charles are hoping the UK climate mob will increase their allowance by conferring Knighthood on climate guy

6/12/10, BBC: The Queen just conferred Knighthood on a UK global warming propagandist. As in the United States, people in the UK know man made global warming doesn't exist. It is an invention that suited profiteers, politicians and common criminals and went merrily along until quite recently.
  • Deals were made behind the peoples' backs for decades and at the last minute the people found out about it. In the meantime, many people became rich from the scam at the expense of average people.
UK Telegraph on Prince Charles sponsorship of global warming expedition, 1/9/09: The Catlin expedition "is to measure the thickness of the sea ice over a 650-mile route to the North Pole.
  • This is no ordinary adventurer's endeavour. Hadow is working with the UN, Nasa, Cambridge University, the World Wildlife Fund and the US Navy.
  • He also has the personal support and
  • patronage of Prince Charles.
  • The project is sponsored to the tune of almost £3 million....

"The work of Arctic Survey is crucial," Prince Charles says in an open letter for the expedition."...

It has turned climate change from being a political issue into a secular religion.”...

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