Wednesday, February 10, 2010

They admit carbon trading can only harm the planet, so why do they keep selling it? Ask Time Magazine. Time sides with hedge funds.

The hurricanes and disasters claims from the UN and Al Gore have been admitted to be erroneous (1/24/10). Why doesn't Time Magazine know this? It seems no one at Time Magazine at this late date has yet been bothered to read the UN 'Nobel Prize' winning climate report. They continue to report what they wish it had proven-but did not. The mistakes are there in plain site for anyone to see.
  • Instead of reporting the truth, Time doubles down and opens a recent article pumping up-of all things- Al Gore's totally discredited movie. Yes, trillions are at stake on this issue. But for a media member to stoop so low at this late date?
Time ignores that the whole hurricane mantra from the IPCC was made up. Instead, it says, well there may be some doubts, but we found someone else who says BECAUSE SEA LEVELS WILL STILL BE RISING, storms will still be bad.
  • For this kind of irresponsible alarmism is there not some legal recourse? Promotion of these ideas has serious consequences.
  • ***************
Under CO2 trading, one side continues to emit whatever it wants into the atmosphere. They just pay a supposed fine to the carbon registry-overseen by the totally incompetent UN-- and a bunch of investment banks. Which have already reported a run of organized crime in carbon trading. But forgetting that,
  • this scam encourages emitters to keep emitting, ensuring little or nothing will change. China will never be honest or allow inspections and why should they? Why should they respect anyone involved in this child's game?
  • It can easily be stopped. It just takes someone demanding the Supreme Court reverse its 2007 5-4 decision on CO2 since it was based on IPCC/CRU data.
Revkin, 2/9/10: Dot Earth, "Once emitted, carbon dioxide is a “
  • globally well mixed gas”
  • that knows no borders.
Every year, commerce becomes increasingly
So if the world moves toward a system for tracking emissions, who is responsible for a particular batch of carbon dioxide —
  • the company that mined and sold the coal, the power plant that burned it, the consumer who buys the exported widget made with the electricity generated by that combustion, or…?

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