Tuesday, January 24, 2012

NBC's Brian Williams orders Tampa debate audience to 'stay quiet,' giving media and GOP establishment control of the narrative

The Tampa debate crowd submits to NBC's Brian Williams' order to 'stay quiet.' The narrative is taken away from the people. The GOP wants primaries to be over so they can get back to selling this country out. As Rush Limbaugh said Monday, "Newt is a vessel" for long silenced and scorned ordinary Americans.

1/23/12, "Gingrich Lost His Crowd-Pleasing Groove in Tampa," National Journal, Tim Alberta

"NBC's Brian Williams asked the audience to stay quiet." (parag. 3)


The audience was told to shut up so the media and establishment can create the narrative that Newt was 'a dud.' This is not to say Gingrich can or will win just based on cheering audiences.

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