Sunday, April 18, 2010

An Iceland volcano may have contributed to Little Ice Age (1700-1900).

All attention should focus on how man can best deal with this major natural phenomenon.
  • (Not on feeding the criminal global warming industry which will try to pervert this event into a prop for billionaire carbon traders).
"Icelandic volcanoes have been erupting from deep below ancient glaciers since before the dawn of man.
It is believed the "Little Ice Age" (roughly 1700-1900) was especially harsh because of the

"When the Laki volcano erupted in 1783, it caused a cloud of poison gas to drift to Britain, where hundreds died. The smog and ash caused famines in Western Europe. Crop production plunged. The winter of 1784 was one of the coldest in history, with the Mississippi River freezing as far south as New Orleans. The last time there was a major eruption in Iceland, flooding followed within minutes of the hot lava hitting the glaciers, with house-sized boulders tumbling down mountains.

Pompeii was nothing compared to what might happen when Iceland's volcanoes wake from their long slumber. The whole world is going to know when that happens, no question about it. It's only a matter of time.""...from American Thinker, "Iceland's volcano may effect economy, weather, health worldwide," Jane Jamison

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