Sunday, March 1, 2009


(Andrew Breitbart): "Fox News joined C-SPAN in carrying the nearly hour-and-a-half experience, while CNN broke ranks with the "mainstream media" and aired most of the speech as well.

  • had it been delivered early last fall by any Republican presidential candidate.

About midway through Mr. Limbaugh's clear-headed, timely and sometimes rambunctious call to ideological arms, my BlackBerry began buzzing with elated text messages from across the Omni and across the nation.

  • A friend in Los Angeles e-mailed a one-liner: "Best speech I have ever seen."

My urbane father-in-law, the first person I knew who copped to listening to Mr. Limbaugh and who has been witness to most of the big events of the modern age, called it the "most thrilling thing [he's] seen on TV."...

By any measure, Mr. Limbaugh hit the ball out of the park. He may have done so for the team that, these days, many people are rooting against. But the ball did land over the fence.

  • On the other hand, the "drive-by media" - as Mr. Limbaugh aptly refers to his business competition and ideological foes -

Clearly taking their cues from Mr. Obama - as well as Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid - the Fourth Estate, without the benefit of a Frank Luntz focus group or an instant poll,

The netroots, the mainstream media's devious protector from its left flank (e.g., the Huffington Post, Media Matters and the Daily Kos) also opined

Anonymous liberal commentators, the rabid pests of the new media, sought out the most popular conservative blogs to flood the zone

Only talk radio with its emphasis on Socratic debate over raw emotionalism

  • and with Mr. Limbaugh in the driver's seat
  • has escaped the left's clutches of pure media dominance.

For years, the radio kin of these underhanded online annoyances - coined by Rush as "seminar callers" - have read their Democratic National Committee-produced scripts to muddy the political waters.

For more than a generation, the traditional media has tried to build a wall around public sentiment

Recent election cycles and the emergence of the Internet have only exacerbated the situation. In the past year, media bias has gotten out of hand.

He is much more than an entertainer or a person who can "motivate the base" - as the media repeats like cheap talking points.

He has the uncanny ability to expose

Many in the Regency Ballroom on Saturday night were once dupes or elitists like me who were shown the light by a guy who didn't even graduate college.

  • With newspapers long ago judged as far gone on the left
  • and television networks turned off for good by enraged customers,

Mr. Limbaugh is the man who is most to blame for their demise. No wonder they bad-mouth him every chance they get." Washington Times

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