Saturday, January 17, 2009

Media believes their point of view is the 'neutral' one

In fact their view is self-created, biased, and worst of all, damaging to the nation. In this case, they make skin color the story when it is anything but. Unsuspecting citizens believe this must be true, direct their attention to it instead of focusing on the real problems of this country: See, they say EVERYBODY MUST THINK ALIKE. Sorry, no deal.
  • If anything was historic, it was the media bias and coverage of this man who outspent his final opponent about 10-1.
  • His big victory was beating Hillary Clinton--no one predicted that.
  • And no one said that victory was historic because of race.
And no one said he won because of Oprah Winfrey's enormous influence.
  • But that's when it was won.
Obama ran unopposed for the presidency. Once he got the nomination, he was guaranteed to win. John McCain didn't want to win, was a joke, lauded praise on Obama while continually criticizing his own staff.
  • He allowed his campaign to sabotage his running mate, whom he named at the last minute. McCain was forced on the so-called Republicans even though he does not speak for people who identified themselves as on the right.
  • He believes in global warming which does not exist. Right there, no Republican wanted to vote for him.
  • He championed massive illegal alien citizenship which would be fine if he would take them all into one of his many personal homes, feed, clothe, educate, provide medical care, etc. to all of them. He failed to do so.
  • He had no platform, was in situations where Republican voters begged him to act like he wanted the job, but he never changed his style. He could not win, and was put in by people who knew it.
  • Today he's happily back in his role as a maverick--not that there's any Republican party left to worry about.
George Bush himself is most to blame for killing the Republican party and any legitimate leaders it might have had.
  • This doesn't begin to get into the financial meltdown which hit right before the election and McCain's embarrassing reaction to it.
The media must understand the race issue is their creation entirely,
  • and it is the left who owns it and them.
  • AND THAT INCLUDES SO-CALLED 'CONSERVATIVE' WASHINGTON D.C. MEDIA PUNDITS who rely on cable tv appearances. They do not speak for the people.
P.S. Even if it were about race, Obama would not qualify. He grew up in a successful white family in Hawaii, went to an exclusive private school there, then to elite universities in the northeast United States. All his school records have been withheld from his employer (the US citizens). Perhaps the media can build a racial story around that fact if they're so determined.

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